I am a Climate Dynamicist, interested in the physical processes that shape Earth’s present climate and determine how it will change in the future. I mostly work on  questions  in the area of coupled interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, and cryosphere. For example: (i) How do the spatial patterns of surface warming impact the amount and distribution of clouds? (ii) How then does the interaction of changing clouds with atmospheric and ocean heat transport feedback onto surface warming?  (iii) What can we learn about future climate changes by looking at how the Earth’s climate has changed in the past?

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

    • climate sensitivity to anthropogenic greenhouse gases
    • cloud and radiative feedbacks.
    • coupled atmosphere-ocean dynamics
    • stochastic climate variability
    • palaeoclimate
    • data science
    • I use large numerical models, called Global Climate Models, or GCMs, to  isolate important mechanisms and test the robustness of simple theoretical models in the face of complexity.
    • I use data science methods to bring historical observations and paleoclimate proxies to bear on the theory, as well as to improve probabilistic forecasts of future climate change.
    • Ultimately, I believe understanding can only come if complex dynamics can be distilled into simple theoretical models.

Natural History Building, Office #3068


1301 West Green Street
M/C 104
Urbana, IL 61801