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Research areas:
    • coupled climate dynamics
    • quantifying the impacts and societal cost of climate change
    • numerical, analytical, and statistical climate models
    • climate sensitivity, clouds and radiative feedbacks.
    • palaeoclimate
    • statistical inference and machine learning in earth sciences
Recent News:


    • A proposal by the CCDS was recommended for funding by NSF’s Paleoclimte Perspectives on Climate Change (p2c2) program. The grant will fund efforts to fingerprint forced and unforced variability over the Holocene
    • Cristi was awarded a NASA New Investigator (Early Career) to study ENSO variability and the cloud feedback pattern effect.
    • Jay was awarded the prestigious NOAA Hollings Fellowship!
    • Jay got accepted into a number of prestigious summer internship programs. He has chosen to head to Colorado State University for a summer internship program
  • ¬†2020

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