Principal Investigator (PI)

Cristian (Cristi) Proistosescu

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and Geology

Resume (short)   CV (long)


Graduate Students

Adam Bauer  – G2 (Physics)

Land-atmosphere interactions & climate extremes.

Tyler Hanke – G2 (Atmospheric Sciences)

Radiative feedbacks & ENSO

Rachel Tam – G1 (Atmospheric Sciences)

Learning radiative feedbacks from observations

UNDERGraduate Students

Jay Pillai – Junior (Physics)

Cloud physics

Philip Chmielowiec – Junior (Computer Engineering)

Numerical climate simulations

Jennifer Chen – Sophomore (Computer Engineering)

Statistical learning for cloud feedbacks



Becca Stout

Graduate Student – G2 (University of Washington ESS)

Co-Advised with Gerard Roe

Low-frequency variability in the paleoclimate record.


Anna Lea Albright – Undergraduate (Harvard)

Bayesian inference of aerosol radiative forcing

Now: Grad Student   (G3, Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Paris)