Principal Investigator (PI)

Cristian (Cristi) Proistosescu


Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and Geology

Ph.D. Harvard University

Resume (short)   CV (long)

Graduate Students

Tyler Hanke

Graduate Student – 1st year (Atmospheric Sciences Department)

Research: Observational constraints on cloud feedbacks & climate sensitivity; El Nino Southern Oscillation




Adam Bauer

Graduate Student – 1st year (Physics Department)

Research: Stochastic climate variability; Climate Extremes; Land-atmosphere Interactions




Other Graduate Student Mentees:

Anna Lea Albright

Graduate Student  – 3rd Year (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Sorbonne, Paris)

Research:  Aerosol radiative forcing; Climate Sensitivity; Bayesian Statistics;



Becca Stout

Graduate Student – 1st year (University of Washington)

Research: Constraining low-frequency variability from the paleoclimate record.

UNDERGraduate Students

Jay Pillai

Sophomore – Physics Department

Research Project: Coupling of Cloud to Sea Surface Temperatures across time scales.